Success Stories

So pleased with Helene and Savvy Organizer! She was extremely helpful and patient in reorganizing our kitchen.  It looks clean and beautiful, and is much more inviting! I would highly recommend using Helene/Savvy Organizer. Thank you for a wonderful experience!    


 "It's like shopping in a clothing store every morning when I get dressed".  





Hello.  I have known Helene Cullen over 8 years. Recently, I had to move from my home in Charlotte, NC with an attached garage to a much smaller apartment. This was a herculean task, but Helene managed to clean and de-clutter the garage and the house.  There were many boxes in the garage, many with antiques along with rows of garment bags. She was able to de-clutter the garage and re-box the antiques. She also went through each clothing item and sorted out the stuff to keep and donate.  She made the garage look like a garage. She then straightened the house and repacked many things in order to prepare for me to drive a long distance to my new home. 

Once I moved to NJ she unpacked boxes, put everything in cabinets, and decorated my new apartment. This included placing furniture, hanging pictures, displaying decorations throughout the apartment, and she did a lovely job. I was very happy with the work she did for me. You will not be sorry if you hire her to organize your home. That’s why you should call Savvy Organizer professional organizing. 





Before and After



I used Helene from Savvy Organizer to help me organize my master closet. I have a really large master closet that was in desperate need of purging and reorganization. My initial hope was that I would be able to easily find the items I was looking for and have it in general be more organized. I was beyond pleased with the final result. Not only am I able to easily find everything, my closet looks like a closet out of a magazine. Everything is organized by color, size and item. I actually enjoy using my closet as a dressing space now as the space is so much more inviting. I appreciated her telling me what should be hung, vs folded and giving me the proper organizing techniques which is what I needed. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone that needs more organization in their lives like I did.